benefits of blogging

The benefits of blogging are becoming widely known but here we have created a list on the real reasons why this type of online communication is now helping to develop businesses worldwide.

Here’s a round-up of our top 5 benefits of blogging . . .

1. Demonstrate your expertise

A blog attached to your website allows you the ability to become a ‘trusted advisor’ for your customers and in your business sector. It can make you appear a marketing ‘innovator’; at the cutting edge of contemporary developments or news in the industry but also allows your customers a chance to understand who you are and what your business is about in more depth.

Use your blog to demonstrate your company’s knowledge and skills, this helps your customers gain trust in your services as you are in a way proving that you can do what you say you can do.

2. Great for SEO

Static websites do not attract new visitors, however when you write a variety of articles around a topic, google and other search engines start to notice you’re a voice on the subject and therefore they will begin to naturally select your site above others based on its content. If you are regularly updating content via a blog attached to your website, this enables a continual flow of refreshed content relevant for your business and of interest to your customers searches.

A blog creates more, fresh, and valuable content for your website which Google loves!  A 100 page website will generate more organic search results on Google than a 10 page website – having a blog gives your website a new page with every post!

But be careful not to post any content that is irrelevant to you or your business.

3. Generates more traffic

With better SEO your website should generate more traffic.  More traffic brings more potential leads and hopefully you can convert lots of those into sales!

Plus! When you publish new and interesting content via a blog post that helps readers answer a question or solve a problem they may have had, then they will want to come back for more. They will be more likely to turn to your business if they need more assistance in the future and ultimately choose your business over others to purchase from. If they like your blog they are also more likely to provide their email address for further updates and therefore secure you a way of contacting them in the future, to update them on relevant product launches or business news and of course, new blog posts.

4. Blogging can educate your customers

One of the other benefits of blogging is that it can create platform where you can communicate honest and relevant material to readers which builds trust and therefore enables a dialogue between the producer and consumer not previously shared in such an open and easily accessible way. You can also get their immediate feedback, and if regular blog visitors enjoy your updates because they capture their attention, they will often begin to understand your business better and you will then be able to talk to them in a more ‘in-depth’ way which can be beneficial for both parties.

5. Authenticates your business as an authority

We all know that trust has to be earned by demonstrating commitment to something, and subsequently a blog is a very good way to start building trust and could be seen as the launch pad or starting point into a customer journey. A blog could also make you an author on a topic as publishing houses have now turned their attentions to online bloggers and offered many publishing contracts due to their wealth of trusted readership.

A blog gives your company a chance to voice your views and opinions on any topic you choose. It’s a chance for you to give your opinion and unique perspective on a current issue, or just a chance to let the world know how wonderful your company is!

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