What are the key items you are going to need in you digital marketing toolkit for your business in 2017?  

From content creation and web design, to market research and social media analytics – find out our top tools for digital marketing in 2017 below…

The Digital Marketing Toolkit for 2017

Content Creation & Curation Digital Marketing Toolkit

Workplace, Man working on the laptop Content will still rein king next year for being included as a key part of many businesses digital marketing strategies – particularly visual content as it has been proven to create higher levels of engagement.[/caption]

In 2017, businesses will need to streamline the way they produce, manage and publish content online to keep up with the game.  Below are a few tools recommended to help you do just that…

Content Creation:

Content Publishing:

Top Tools for Websites in 2017

In 2017 websites, there is no leway for websites that are unfit for mobile viewers.  With the majority of online users now mobile, websites must be mobile responsive.

WordPress is a great, easy to use CMS platform which can help businesses get up and running quickly and easily online and has manay beautiful mobile responsive themes available.  As well as being mobile reponsive, below is a list of handy extra you can add to your WordPress website to make it work harder for your business in 2017:

Top WordPress Widgets:

Top Website Tools:

Top Tools for Market Research

researchThe online world is a busy place for brands and businesses, containing valuable insight into consumers views and opinions on their products and services.

It’s a great place to get started with any market research project.  There are many tools (free and paid) available to help you, here are just a few favourites…

Paid Social Listening Tools:

Free Social Listening Tools:

Top Analytics Tools


Analytics tools are a must when it comes down to reviewing your latest marketing campaigns performance.  You need to make sure you know exactly how well both your website and your social media channels are performing.  Here are a few tools to help…

Web Analytics Tools:

Social Analytics Tools:

Email Marketing


Email marketing is not dead, but businesses do need to get more cleaver on how they use it to approach potential and current customers.

If you do not yet have an email marketing service provider check out Mailchimp who offer a free account to get you started.  Then read on below for our top tips for using email marketing as a tool in 2017.

  • Get Personal – address your contacts by their names, tailor content to their specific interests
  • Use automation – create automated campaigns for new sign ups which use a series of tailored email messages to introduce your brand
  • Don’t Spam – irrelevant information, or sending emails too frequently can cause you to loose readers and get blacklisted

For more information of if you need help with setting up, using or managing any of the tools listed about, please get in touch with our team.


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