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Digital Reporting is a vital task for every digital marketing department to take up if they haven’t done so by now already.  A good marketeer will track, monitor and analyse their latest campaigns to check if it is working or if there is still room for improvement, thus always ensuring maximum ROI (return on investment).

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Meanwhile here are our top 5 digital reporting do’s and don’ts…

Our Top 5 Digital reporting Do’s & Don’ts:

1. DO Determine the data that matters

With so much statistical information out there it can be quite overwhelming at first when deciding what to put into your digital report. When it comes to understanding exactly why or why not a campaign has worked, you need to determine what stats are vital to the success of a campaign and future activations, and what information is probably just ‘nice to know’ but not really detrimental to the growth of your business.  Every business is different so there is no ‘set in stone’ right or wrong answer for this.  We recently wrote an article on what we would recommend putting in your next report, you can check this out here for a bit of guidance.

2. DON’T include unnecessary data

You don’t need to include every last statistic that you can get your hands on.  Decided what information is vital for you to know in order to improve campaigns, and what information is just ‘nice to know’.  If a pice of data isn’t going to help you make a decision on how to move forwards in terms of improvement, then leave it out, or just include a page with the top line stats if you feel you still need to include it.

3. DON’T just show stats – include understandings to explain the stats

Figures on their own can be very overwhelming to people that might read your reports, and might not make sense on there own.  Always try and add your own understandings around your findings to help readers understand what is going on, and why these stats are important.  There is no need to become a best selling author, just simple, plain english, keeping your descriptions short and concise will be enough.

4. DO Provide action items for future improvements

As you discover various stats you will start to see ways in which you can make small improvements to make your next campaign an even bigger success.  Make sure you include these suggestions within your report.  These suggestions could be vital when making key business decisions later down the line.

5. DO share your reports with the entire business

As a marketeer you know whats going on most of the time, but the rest of the business doesn’t.  Make sure you share your latest reports with the rest of the business.  You will find that they will be quite interested in whats going on within the marketing department, and might even have a few suggestions or projects that they would like to work on with you in the future to help the business grow.

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