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Internet marketing, to an extent, is now a must for every business.  It is the number 1 place most people will start their search when looking to make a purchase but need to find out more, whether that be for physical item, a service or something else.

The internet provides the perfect platform for consumers to research their purchase, get educated on what it is that they need, look at alternative options and make price comparisons.

Your business, no matter what you do needs some sort of internet presence, large or small, to be found and recognised both online and offline.  Having a presence online can help to make your business look both more professional and reliable – especially when you start adding things like testimonials and social media into the mix.

Below are our 5 key internet marketing tools that we believe every business should use.

Our top 5 Essential Internet Marketing tools

1. Website

Your website should be your very minimum requirement.  It is the only piece of internet real estate that you will have full ownership and full control over.  It doesn’t have to be flashy, in fact you could opt for a simple one pages, so long as your contact details are clearly list along with what you do or sell and how your potential customer can make a purchase that should be enough. View our website solutions.

2. Organic SEO

(Search Engine Optimisation)

Once you have a website, you will want to look at optimising your site for search engines.  Organic search results are known to have the best conversion rates; therefore, you should look to get your website pages optimised around your top key search terms to ensure you show up in the search engine ranks.  You will also need to ensure your site is listed too on the major search engines.  Find out more and contact our team.

3. Social Media

Social media plays a big part in building strong organic SEO as well as increasing your sales message reach and brand awareness.  Not every social media platform is suitable for every business so choose wisely.  Once you have a profile though, make sure you have the capacity to ensure it us updated regularly with new content.  Find out more about our social media management services here.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for years, but is still one of the best tools for high return on investment.  Use email marketing to keep your existing customers up to date and entice new ones with valuable information, free trials and special offers.  Contact our team for advice and more information.

5. Analytics

Once you start doing any form or internet marketing, analysing your results is a no brainer!  You need to know that what you are doing is actually working, otherwise what is the point of doing it at all. Collective Industries offers analytics and reporting services for both website and social media activity.  Read more here, or contact our team for details.

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