About our digital marketing agency

Collective Industries is a digital marketing agency based in the beautiful and tranquil countryside village of Eversley, Hampshire.


Founded in 2009, by Harriet Smith, we are now an established boutique digital marketing agency with a strong skill set and a load of industry knowledge to boot!


We specialise in providing beautiful WordPress websites, creative web design, brand identity, graphic design and digital marketing support services to businesses large and small across the globe.  Our client base includes a mixture of industries from international brands such as Monster Energy and Pepe Jeans, to smaller businesses and startups – we have even worked with a real life dragon from the BBC’s Dragons Den! View our work here.


Not only do we provide great results for our clients, we also want to give back to the world by supporting charities and causes close to our hearts, as well as always trying to keep our working environment as green as possible. You can find out more about this here.


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We are only 40 minutes from London, 15 minutes from Reading, Berkshire, 10 minutes from Farnborough and 5 minutes from Wokingham, Berkshire.
Our Values
Our Vision

Our vision is to break the mould and the expected ideologies, through innovative and creative ideas for our clients, providing a flexible environment for our team helping them get the perfect work/life balance, and ensuring that we always give back through charitable support.

‘Breaking the Mould’ on the traditional digital marketing agency,  we work in a different manner from most other agencies:

We don’t have an ‘HQ’ instead we are home based, but that makes it easy for us to come to you and also helps to provide a flexible working environment for our team.

We also don’t have a normal team set up, in fact our team is rather unique, and our name ‘Collective’ probably gives the game away…

We are a collective of freelance graphic designers, web developers and digital marketers all with our own specialist skill sets from various industry backgrounds all over the world.

So this means, rather than having a full time rota of in house designers whos talent is more generic and less specialist, we can pick the perfect match for your project in terms of skill set, knowledge and passion. Plus! With our talent being spread all over the world, we can work around the clock to get projects completed to tight time scales whilst keeping our prices low still as we don’t have large overheads and set monthly salaries to pay. So it’s a win win for you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a globally recognised agency who always achieve inspiring results through combining our professional services with expert knowledge and skills, with creativity and innovation!

Meet Harriet!

Creative, Marketing Consultant, Founder of Collective Industries, Fitness Fanatic & Aspiring Entrepreneur

I have extensive experience in working within European & global markets mostly from my work at Monster Energy amongst others, providing various marketing & design services including digital marketing, creative brand & web design, social media management, market research plus data insights/reporting.

I am always looking for new challenges, projects where I can get out-side of the box and really push both my creative skills and marketing skills too.

My work at Monster Energy has taught me a lot, I was lucky enough to be with the company from their early stages in the EMEA, and I have taken away with me many very valuable lessons, which I am sure my current and future clients will all benefit from!


I have learnt how to market a ’Superstar’ brand at global, regional and local levels, in multiple cultures and languages.


I have learnt how to manage business growth at an incredibly fast rate…
When I started I looked after less than 15 countries in the EMEA, when I left I had near to 50 different markets to manage centrally.


I have learnt how to measure performance online then use those results to devise better, stronger, strategies. 


I am also an active person who loves to be outdoors, I am passionate about health & fitness away from the stereotypical gym (currently a CrossFit junkie).

Overall I would say I am a very driven, highly productive, individual, who loves to help others succeed and be pushed to the max in all things both work and personal.

Benefits of Using a Digital Consultant

Why choose a digital consultant rather than an agency or in house support?

Cost Efficiency

As we can work remotely, our overheads are kept low resulting lower rates for you.  For this reason a digital consultancy service is often a more affordable option for businesses without impact on quality of the end result.


A consultancy service offers flexibility – you can use us as and when you need us, rather than having to commit to a high salaried employee of similar experience.


Unlike agencies, we can pick and choose the perfect team to work on your project by experience, industry and/or passion, rather than being limited to selecting from available in house staff.  This enables us to achieve better results.


We are always learning and discovering new tools and techniques to help us respond to the latest digital developments that might businesses.  So let us focus on your digital strategy and provide new perspective, whilst you focus on your core business.

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