Being aware of colour psychology is important when designing your brand.

Different colours have different meanings and connotations so think carefully about your use of colour and what you are trying to convey.

For example – if you are a setting up a bank, using a blue colour conveys trust and honesty – two very positive thoughts for new customers to have already before you have even spoken to them.

Below is a useful colour wheel and come examples of brands using various colours which you may find useful to refer to when choosing colours for your new business.

 The Colour Psychology Wheel

colour psychology


Positive Color Meanings in Business:

  • action, power, energy, speed
  • passion, desire, lust
  • strength, courage
  • attention-getting, motivating, stimulating, energizing
  • driven and determined
  • exciting, warm, spontaneous, assertive and confident

Negative Color Meanings in Business:

  • aggression and anger
  • domineering, over-bearing and tiring
  • quick-tempered, ruthless, fearful and intolerant
  • rebellious and obstinate
  • resentful, violent and brutal

colour psychology

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