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Having social marketing strategy is essential if you are planning to have any sort of social presence on any social channel. Often businesses either neglect their pages and profiles as soon as they are set up or don’t have the confidence to know what to post.  Having a solid social marketing strategy designed and a content schedule in place with a dedicated person to manage and implement it is all it takes to ensure success.

Below are our top tips when planning your social marketing strategy for your business

Social Marketing Strategy Top Tips for Success

How much time and resource you are prepared to spend?

There is simply no point having a profile or business page set up only to leave it dormant and stale.  Before you even create a social media account, you need to assess how much time and resource you have available to ensure the channel is regularly maintained.  This doesn’t mean you have to be dedicated to posting updates all day every day, but you do need to post at least once a week as a bare minimum.  You also need to decide if you will take full management of your social marketing strategy, or if you have the resource available and want someone like us to manage it for you.

How will you find and create content?

Now you have figured out how much time you have available, you need to decide what type of content you will be posting, who will be creating this content and what resources you might need to use to create this content too.  This will have a major impact on your time that you have dedicated to your social strategy.  It might be that you will look to an external agency to create content for you. Collective Industries help many brands and businesses with their content marketing strategies, to find out more about this service contact our team.

You must keep consistency

A content schedule or plan is essential to keep consistency within a social media strategy. As your fans and followers indulge in your content they will begin to expect and look out for it at certain times.  This increases your engagement rate, builds fan loyalty and hopefully gives you a positive impact on sales too.  With out this patterned behaviour you will miss out on potential fans that might want to enjoy your content but simply do not know when to look out for it.  Create a weekly outline of what type of content you might want to post on which days and at what times, then stick to it.

Use scheduling tools to help out

If you don’t have the time to work on your social marketing strategy everyday you might want to consider scheduling content in advance using a tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite.  Tools like these allow you to schedule posts in advance, in bulk!  The perfect time saver, and it give you no excuse for not being consistent!

Analyse your post performance

Once your social marketing strategy is in play, make sure you take time out regularly to review your latest posts, how they have done and to see if there is anything you can do to increase their performance a little further.  This also allows you to see if there is anything that is not working for your business, giving you the opportunity to stop wasting any more time on content that doesn’t work, and focus on the content that does work.


Social Marketing Strategy Design & Support

Collective Industries helps many businesses, brands and individuals with their social marketing strategies and content marketing goals.

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