A Digital marketing guide to whats hot, whats not and what to look out for over the coming year – looking at the forecasted trends for 2017

As we come into the year of 2017, we wanted to share with you our Digital Marketing Guide. At this time of year, alongside with Christmas parties, hangover cures, and tying up loose ends, many businesses will be thinking about how to make next year their best year in business yet.  So it seems like an appropriate time to share with you our ideas and insights into the world of digital marketing.

What trends can you expect to see in 2017?

Digital Marketing Guide to the Top Trends for 2017

Content Marketing will be bigger than ever!

As if content marketing was not already a big enough part of many business marketing strategies in 2016, it’s only going to get bigger and better for businesses in 2017.

Content will need to be:

  • More visual – this is fundamental as visual content is easier and quicker to digest
  • Include video usage – video is proven to be far more engaging that other content types.
  • Be immersive – brands will be looking for ways to immerse the consumer in their content using tools such as VR and AR technologies. More on this in a bit!
  • Personalised – allow your consumer to tailor the type of content they receive from you. Take a more targeted approach in content distribution.

With so much content out there, it is hard for consumers to hear your message through all the noise online.  So consider your approach when thinking about content distribution.

Brands and businesses should also look to include user generated content (UGC) in their marketing strategies too.  Think share-ability on social, customer reviews, comments on posts and so on…

User generated content, or content generated by brand advocates seems to obtain a higher trust rate with the consumer of today.

Don’t panic though, you don’t have spend loads of time or resources churning out shed loads of content.  Instead, look at existing content you might have, learn to repurpose it and adapt it to keep it current.  Create ever green content that can be re-shared and promoted over and over again.  For example, perhaps one long article could be split into 5 different items of content?

Influencer Marketing will continue to rise

2016 was the year of the influence marketer – with many household names taking on the key influencer marketing approach, so much so that the USA now has a law on how paid key influencers can post their content (they must mention that they have been paid for those posts within the comments/status section). But this has not slowed that train down!

In 2017 you can expect to see even more brands jumping on board the key influencer marketing program.

Key influencer marketing is a great strategy to increase brand awareness and product sales.  It works by building a business relationship with a person we would call a ‘Key Influencer’ or a ‘brand advocate’.  Via this person, your brand or business is able to reach a much wider audience, via social media, blogs and PR, potentially in communities that with out them you would be unable to impact on otherwise.

Key Influencer marketing could potentially fall into the UGC category (touched on earlier), as these are external people/authorities talking about your brand or products – for this reason, consumers are far more likely to trust a key influencers content above content distributed directly by the brand themselves.

Mobile dominates content consumption

With more traffic on the internet coming from mobile devices, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is for brands and businesses to ensure their digital content is optimised for mobile viewers.

From responsive web design to considering what might be suitable content for mobile viewers on social media feeds – no matter what channel or your choice in content type, brands and businesses need to make sure that it can be consumed via a mobile device.

Immersive Content:

Bridging the gap between real world and digital world

Offline marketing is back on the rise, but in 2017 expect to see brands take an entirely different approach.

The gap between the real world and all that digital world content that brands produce will be bridged, allowing the consumer to go from one touch point in the real world, into the digital world and then back again (or vice versa).

Experiential marketing will allow brands to create immersive digital content experiences within real world locations such as events, in store or popup locations.

Data plays a vital role in building marketing strategies

2016 has been the year that many businesses have realised the need for bringing a data analysis on board their marketing and sales team.  No longer are smart businesses developing marketing campaigns and launching them into the unknown.

Data, analytics and social listening tools all now play a vital role in marketing strategies at every point:

  • At the planning stage, tools can be used to assess the competition, conduct market research, define the right audience and how best to approach them.
  • During campaigns, these tools can be used to measure and monitor a campaigns performance, assist crisis management and track real time trends that might be useful to jump on to increase reach.
  • After, a full analysis of the campaign can be conducted.

In 2017 even small businesses will be using these tools to ensure every message is optimised for maximum impact.

Are you ready?

What does your business have planned for 2017 – have you included any of the above trends in your strategy? 

Collective Industries provides a digital marketing consultancy service to help businesses with projects just like those listed above.  If you are interested in finding out more about any of these trends and would like to figure how how best to integrate them into your business, then please do reach out.


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