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Starting a business can seem like a daunting task.  You have a great idea, but where do you even begin to start when it comes to making that idea a reality?

You need to make sure, before you start you understand exactly what you need to know and to succeed.  Plus, you most likely will have to learn some new skills too.

We are not experts at everything here, but we can certainly help you out for the marketing and design aspects of starting a business successfully.

This week Collective Industries launches our Business Resource area providing you aspiring entrepreneurs and knowledge hungry business owners out there with lots of useful guides, information and links to free tools covering everything you need from a marketing or design aspect for starting a business.

Check out our quick to-do list to help make sure you have covered everything you will need…

Marketing to do list for starting a business

1. Domain name check

The hardest part of getting started very often is choosing a name for your business that has not been taken and is relevant to what you do or your business story.  Once you have decided on a name, you will need to check to make sure the domain name is available for your new website.

So first up you need to purchase a domain name – 123-reg is one of our approved domain name suppliers.  When it comes to web hosting though, we have some great value web hosting packages available.  If you decide to get your web hosting elsewhere, remember, not all web hosting companies are reputable so if you are new to this game, give our team a quick call to get some free advice!

2. Brand Design

Next up you need to give your new business a face – you need to get branded!

Branding is not just simply about logo design, our brand designers will look into colour pallets, font type styles and imagery selection to create a whole package of professional branded goodness for your new venture.

One important thing to remember when looking at branding your business – this is possibly the most important piece of design work that your company will require – your logo and brand identity should be plastered over ever single customer facing document or piece of promotion that you have.  Therefore, you need to make sure you get it right.  Hiring a professional to help you get started is always a good idea for this reason, they can provide you with a style guide so that you can handle the rest ongoing internally, but will make sure you get set off on the right foot.

3. Website Design

Now you have a name and you know what your company looks like, you will need to get a web presence to be found online.  You need a website.

Your website will be your central hub for all your digital marketing activities to point back to, therefore you need to think carefully about what you need your website to do and what information should be put up on it.

We can help you here, right from the very start, helping you to plan your content and layout, right through to design and build and even beyond if you need help maintaining and updating your new site too.

Make sure you check out our website resources area for useful guides and information on all things web related.

Collective Industries also provides great value Web Hosting packages, check these out here…

4. Stationery Design

Business cards are usually a staple basic for any business, you will definitely need to think about getting some of these professionally designed and printed.

You might also want to consider any other printed communications that you might send out to potential client and customers.  Will you need letterheads or compliments slips?  If you are a shop, do you need things like receipt cards, price lists or packaging?  You might also need to consider brochures and flyers for further promotion offline.

For any of the above, we provide a professional, low cost design service.  Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and to get a quick quote.

We also have lots of design tips and advice in our Business resources area too…

5. Marketing Strategy & Fulfilment

Finally, now you have all the tools set up, you need to start thinking about your ongoing marketing and promotion strategy.  Will you be seeking new opportunities online? If so social media is a definite must have, you might also want to consider email marketing too.  Either way, online or offline, you need to put a solid marketing plan of action in place.

If budgets are tight, you might want to sign up to our free email course to help you DIY style.  You can also check out our marketing resources area too…

However, if you feel you need a professional to help you get setup correctly our marketing experts can help you and your business achieve this – from marketing strategy design right though to campaign fulfilment and ongoing marketing support.  Get in touch today for more details on how we can help.

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