Elport DMG: Digital Marketing Strategy


When we first met with Elport DMG they currently had no marketing team or ‘except’ in place and had recently gone through some huge structural changes to their company, and needed a way to help build their client base back up again and fast.

They needed help setting up the foundations of their digital marketing strategy and direction as to what to do next.

After putting together a proposal in August, Elport decided to go ahead with what we now call the “Foundation Stage” of the digital marketing strategy. It is important before pursuing any further marketing activity that Elport had solid foundations and the correct tools in place to ensure effective results.

The Foundations of The Digital Marketing Strategy Included:

  • Review of Lee Edwards personal LinkedIn profile page
  • Set up of Elport DMG company page
  • Review of Elport Facebook Page
  • Review of Elport Twitter account
  • Set up of Elport YouTube Channel
  • Set up of Elport Instagram account
  • Collation of all contacts and databases
  • Exportation of LinkedIn connections
  • Set up of Marcatus Mail Email Marketing Account

Moving Forward with Their Digital Marketing Strategy…

Elport are now set up and are ready to go with their digital marketing strategy. They have requested that we work with them on a retainer basis each month to help produce and publish content across all their channels.


Digital Marketing Strategy: LinkedIn Company Page

Digital Marketing Strategy: LinkedIn Products & Services


Digital Marketing Strategy: Twitter Profile


Digital Marketing Strategy:Instagram


Digital Marketing Strategy: Facebook

What Our Client Says…

Harriet is super inventive with great ideas, these combined with her deep and detailed knowledge of her industry has created some excellent work from concept to fruition. I would highly recommend Harriet to any of my friends, colleagues and customers.

Lee Edwards, Director

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  • Digital Marketing
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  • Social Media