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Fit for Living’s founder, Liz Barker, approached Collective Industries we were told due to our niche knowledge and experience of the active world, particularly in action sports, as she knew we would immediately understand her consumer and her products as well as the industry market she works within – fitness, action sports and nutrition.

Liz needed help reviving her fitness website (Fit for Living) so that not only would it look more appealing to customers when they landed there, but she also wanted the ability to sell (and take payment for) a selection of her products online as well as of course increase brand awareness.



Although we had a good idea already, we needed to make sure before we did anything else that we really understood the type of consumer Fit for Living needed to market to.  Therefore we started off with a comprehensive Market Research project looking into the demographics of Liz’s typical consumer, potential competitors and existing business/marketing models that really worked well.  This research was then packaged up in an easy to read document that could be referred to any time when needed.

From this preliminary research we could begin to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy which would help to guide Liz in all future Fit for Living marketing activities, helping here to understand the perfect marketing mix for her business type, the platforms on which she should be present on, as well as diving into the nitty gritty bits such as the best times and forms to post on social media.

As one of the target audience groups involved corporate clients, we also tidied Liz’s personal LinkedIn profile, and setup up a company page.  Her other social media channels were already fine.

Now with a plan of attack in hand we began to look at the Fit for Living website, considering the consumer journey, first impressions and where best to place Call to Actions (CTAs).  Built in WordPress the existing site used a very basic, and very restrictive WordPress theme, so we felt it would be best to change the theme to something that not only lifted the look for the website and made it feel more professional, but also a theme design that would enable Liz to build at ease better looking landing pages in future without necessarily relying on our support.

Once the new theme was implemented and we had adjusted the layout of a few key pages, we then installed and setup WooCommerce to enable Liz to take sales online.  As it was not your usual ‘shop’ type website, purchase buttons were placed on they key landing pages for products or services that we able to be sold on line – such as the DNA Fit and also the Fitness Holidays and Retreats.

Within 24 hours of this change the first ever online sale for Fit for Living was made!



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