The KINC – WordPress Redesign


Recently we worked a London PR Agency called The KINC.  We love to get our hands on WordPress re-design projects as the client already has a strong idea of what they want, usually based on what is lacking from their current website.

The KINC were no different when they approached us to help them develop their current WordPress website.

First we gathered all the information we could from The KINC about what they wanted the new site to be able to do. Then we put together a flat design showing what the new website would look like.

We then built the new WordPress template from the final flat design on the back end of our hosting for testing purposes.

Once all the final tweaks had been made, we then uploaded and activated the new WordPress theme onto their current website, made a few tweaks in regards to the content on the site and the new site was ready!

Final WordPress ReDesign Results:

To see the final results in action please visit


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