#InMemoryShortFilm – Social Media Campaign Management for Bedrock Healthcare



Bedrock Healthcare Communications approached Collective Industries to help with social media campaign management for the launch of their #InMemoryShortFilm – the healthcare industries first ever short feature film.  Collective Industries was to design, curate and execute  a social media campaign multiple channels over Valentines weekend – the launch of the film.   The aim was to get the film to reach as wide an audience as possible in the hope that it might go viral.


Collective Industries put together a social media strategy that would touch both B2B and B2C audiences over the course of 4 days (Friday to Monday).  The strategy included budget behind promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as publishing a LinkedIn Pulse article.

Once the strategy had been approved Collective Industries set about managing the relevant social media platforms for the duration of the campaign, ensuring correct formatting, timely posting and optimised targeting.

Once the campaign had come to an end, we then put together a digital performance report to demonstrate how well the campaign had done, and to summarise achievements and learnings for next time.

Overall, the campaign was a success, and Bedrock were very happy.

Read more about this project here.


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  • copywriting
  • Digital reporting
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