Monster Energy: Digital Marketing Support


Our full service digital marketing support for Monster Energy Europe includes:

Brand Consistency

Over seeing that all digital platforms across the EMEA are consistent with the Monster Energy brand guidelines.

Website Management

Monster Energy have localised sites for each country that they market in, each one of these sites has customised content for local appeal as well as european and global level content. We help oversee that this content is uploaded to the site in the right format, and pushed to the right countries.

We also help to diagnose and fix any bugs found on the website and other Monster Energy micro sites.

Microsite Development

From time to time Monster Energy require micro websites to be built to support a promotion or event. We help with the development process from outlining the original brief and requirements to involvement within the design and build.

Graphic Design

Occasionally there is a requirement for design work when graphics are needed for the website, social channel or other.  Our team helps to support these requirements wherever possible.

Social Media Support

Part of our digital support includes assisting with the management and development of the social media strategy across various social media channels including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Performance Analysis

To move forward companies must lear to look back and make note of their successes and failures in or to become educated on what does and doesn’t work.  Our team help on a regular basis to produce analytical; insights and suggestions measured on the digital performance of Monster Energy Europe.

This includes researching analyse tools, designing and developing report templates to be used at a local market level as well as EMEA and Global, producing ad hoc reports for business development and conferences.

Training & Development 

Monster Energy have a team of digital staff in each market which includes a web coordinator and several other various roles which all require digital training of some standard.

It is our job to look after the Northern Europe Business Unit, not only ensuring each web coordinator is fully trained and has all the tools they need, but also to ensure that the people around them providing them with digital content understand the formats and strategies surrounding their work.


  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital reporting
  • Marketing Support
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design

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