With so much information out there and so many tools to ‘help you’ manage your social media marketing strategy it can all get a bit confusing.  So we though we would help clear a few things up for you.

This post will help you to understand:

  • What you need to include in your social media marketing strategy
  • What are the tools that we recommend to help you with each part
  • How much time you should dedicate to each section of your strategy

How to manage your Social Media Marketing Strategy

What needs to be included in my social media marketing strategy?

There are 3 key areas that you need to cover in your social media marketing strategy:

  • Publishing

This is the time you spend putting content together and pushing it out on various platforms as well as responding to customers questions.

  • Listening

This of this section as your market research. Listening to your audience helps you to understand how best to engage with them, what topics are important to them and what they need help with right now.  Through listening you can also determine your audience demographics and find key influencers who you could potentially make brand ambassadors at a later stage in your marketing strategy.

  • Analytics

Analytics are often overlooked as businesses think they are not as important as the rest of the strategy and they simply do not have the time to digest what it all means.  actually analytics play a very important role in understanding if your strategy is or isn’t working so that do optimise your time and create content that delivers results.

What tools should I be using to get the most out of my strategy?

With so many social media tools on the market it can get a bit confusing as to what you actually need – especially if you are a small business with limited budgets as some tools can cost a fortune to access!

Until recently we were searching high and low for the perfect tool that would help us manage and review all three areas of our social media campaigns for clients.  However, recently we have realised that is just not possible – different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses, so by choosing a tool that covers all three areas, you are actually choosing to forfeit results in one or even two of the areas where the tool simply does not perform as well as others on the market that specifically cater for that area of social media management.

After lots of research, demos and test runs we have narrowed it down to one or two tools for each area:

  • Publishing – Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Listening – Piptook
  • Analytics – Quintly

If you would like to know more about any of these tools, or get help setting them up please feel free to give us a shout!

How should I split my time when it comes to managing my social media marketing strategy?

Each area is equally important, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to spend an equal amount of time focused on each.  We have created the diagram below to help[ you visually understand where you should be splitting your time across managing your social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing strategy


To break it down into context, the least amount of your time should be spent on publishing your content, where as equal amounts of time should be spent on listening and analysis your campaigns. Listening to your audience helps you to engage better and respond to their questions, helping you to achieve higher engagement rates and hopefully increased brand awareness.  Analysis your data helps you to understand what content provokes higher engagement rates and what the best times are to push content out to get maximum results.


Can we help?

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