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Social media marketing is now a vital requirement for most businesses today. If you haven’t heard of social media by now, you must have had your head buried in the sand for the past couple of years! Five years ago words like Facebook and Twitter were the big buzz words in the marketing world, but not everyone really knew what they were all about or how they even worked.  Still today there are a few ‘lucky’ people that don’t know how to use these channels but for the majority of us – we are all signed up to at least one if not two or even three!

It’s official – social media has taken over our lives!  We are all on it, but as a brand or business are you doing it correctly?  Check out our top three tips below for social marketing success!

Top Tips for Social media Marketing Success

1. Make sure you have a professional appearance

Your customer journey should be seamless no matter what channel or platform they are on.  To ensure this your branding and message must be consistent – use the same colour scheme, logos and graphics to brand your pages correctly.  If you need help setting this up – give us a shout, we can advise or do it for you, whatever you prefer.

2. Design and follow your strategy

As with all marketing campaigns you should plan your attack before jumping in! Doing some preliminary research so that you have a good understanding of your audience, best times to post and on what channels you should be is key for success.

3. Review and analyse your performance

After you have setup your channels and implemented your plan of attack don’t stop there!  You need to make sure it works for you and that you are not wasting time.  Take regular reviews of your social performance, look at things like page growth, post engagement and traffic driven to your website from social media.

Can we help?

Collective Industries helps many clients both large and small with their social media marketing, from simply setting up the channels and providing DIY strategy guides to full channel management and performance reporting.  Contact our team today for more details.


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