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Here at Collective Industries, we use a number of different digital marketing tools every day – there are just some that we cannot live with out!  Digital marketing tools help use to keep on track, become more productive and achieve our business goals.

Below we have put together a list of our top 10 digital marketing tools that we believe every good marketer or business owner should have their hands on.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools 2016

1. Website

This is the one digital property you truly have control over and the only one you own completely.  You can’t just really on social media or email marketing to do your promotion – if Facebook got taken down tomorrow, how would you communicate with your fan base?  Everything you do online should always point back to your website.  Your website then provides your potential customer with all the relevant information they need to continue to make a purchase.

 2. Website Analytics

Google analytics is certainly the most popular and well know website analytics tool, and its free – bonus!  However, there are lots out there that do a similar job.  Whichever website analytics tool you end up choosing, make sure you have one set up and you are regularly checking your websites performance.  Understanding what is and isn’t working on your website helps you to make changes and adjustments so that it remains optimised and working hard for your business.

 3. Social Media Platforms

Social media might not be right for every business, but there is at least one channel out there that is right for most businesses, whether that be Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or another platform.  Social media posts play a vital role in SEO, creating organic external links back to your site, helping you come further up the search engines lists.  Social media also gives you a platform where you can define your brands personality, interact with customers one on one and get honest feedback on your products or services.

 4. Social Media Analytics

If you are running social media campaigns you should be tracking their results, and measuring your success.  Social media analytics will help you to understand what is and is not working for your business.  This information will enable you to refine and tweak your social strategy in the right way so that you can be successful, building a bigger fan base and engage in the right ways with your audience.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all provide their own inbuilt analytics tools, however if you are looking for a one stop shop, check out quintly which covers a number of platforms as well as allowing you to track your competitor’s performance too.

5. Social Media Listening Tools

Whether you are on social media or not (and you should be if you read the above two points), if you are a big company people are most likely talking about you online, and you should be listening.  Sometimes the conversation will be positive and sometimes it could be negative – either way using a social listening tool will enable to you find and engage with these conversations so that you can rectify a problem or influence opinions and purchasing online.  Social Listening tools also provide a good source for market research if you want to find out people’s views and opinions on certain topics or issues.  Free tools include or if you are looking for a more advanced platform why not take a look at Piptook.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is old hat to the digital marketer these days, but never the less, it should not be ignored as it still works very well and when done correctly provides brilliant return on investment (ROI).  There are many free email marketing tools out there such as Mailigen or even Mailchimp.  Most email marketing services provide stats and analytics on your campaigns, showing how many opens or clicks you might have had, and ever the top time of day for people to open your communications.

7. Document Templates

Document templates are important for most businesses – they provide structure and consistency internally and externally as well as helping to save time. From planning to reporting, to finance and admin, templates are a more vital tool than you might first think!

8. White Papers & Free Downloads

Running email marketing campaigns is a great way to communicate and keep your customers up to date with your latest offers and new.  However, if you don’t have an email list then you can’t run a campaign very well.  You need a data capture plan in place to entice new customers to give you their details. Giving away a free, very useful, guide or a white paper report with important information enclosed are great tools tools to accomplish this mission.

9. Free Trials

White papers and downloads might not be suitable for your business, perhaps a free trial would work better?  What ever the case, the same applies from above to free trials – they are undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing tools to get prospects to part with their contact details and warm them up in order to convince them to eventually make a purchase.

10. Wunderlist

Ok so this one is not strictly a marketing tool – but it is one that we cannot live without here at Collective Industries!  Wunderlist is a simple multi device, to-do-list app that allows you to create multiple lists with multiple tasks, putting notes, links and contact details against each one, helping you to remember important things and keep on track daily.


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