WordpressWordPress in short is an open source (free) CMS (Content Management System) used to build websites using template designs.

The WordPress CMS (the back end) does not dictate how the design and overall layout of the site (the front end) will look.  It simply provides a system where content can be uploaded, edited and modified in an easy to use, orderly fashion.

WordPress is the ideal CMS (Content Management System) for start-ups, small and medium or even large businesses.

WordPress has become possibly one of the worlds leading content management system (CMS) for businesses large and small and is installed on around 25% of all new websites.

Why Use WordPress?

Using WordPress helps with…

  • Making it easy to update, edit and add to your website.
  • Natural, organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on pages, posts and images.

It also has great support, ensuring that as the world wide web develops, the WordPress CMS is kept up to date and free from bugs and glitches.

Benefits of using WordPress CMS…

It’s simple to use

Our main reason for highly recommending WordPress to our clients is because it is so easy to use – even someone who has no web design skills what so ever can update their website by themselves using WordPress.

If you have ever had or managed a website before you will understand the frustrations that a bespoke CMS or website design can bring, and it most likely has cost you a lot of money to edit content and add to your website. With WordPress you can do it your self! All our website solutions come with a free 30 minute tutorial session to get you started.

It’s reliable and supported

WordPress is an open source platform and is constantly being reviewed, developed and improved by experts to ensure it remains up to date with the developments of the World Wide Web, introduction of new devices and changes in consumer attitudes.

Another great benefit WordPress has to offer is its valuable help forums. If you have a question or a problem with your WordPress site you can either ask our team or visit their comprehensive site which has an answer to almost anything you have to ask!

It’s brilliant for natural SEO

One of the areas that is under constant review by WordPress developers is the relationships it has with search engines. WordPress is designed around a ‘permalink’ structure, which means the URLs don’t change, and this is great for consistency with the search engines. There are also numerous free and paid plugins that you can add to your site to enhance your searchability.

All our WordPress websites come with a basic SEO plugin already set up and optimised for your website. However if you would like more extensive SEO work done on your site please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Has the ability to grow with your business

WordPress websites can be adapted to the changes in your business need through the use of plugins and dynamic content functionalities. Although originally WordPress was design as a simple blogging platform, large corporates across the world benefit from the platform as well as it being a highly popular choice of CMS for startups and small businesses.

This of WordPress as your digital chameleon, a WordPress website can easily be changed to suit your business needs.

Effective website design is not just about the images, fonts and colours that you choose, although these are all important aspects, other elements such as the correct positioning of content, the way in which you make users navigate the site, the way your brand is conveyed, and your marketing concepts will have a huge effect on how successful your website is at turning visitors into customers.

More Questions Answered on WordPress Website Design…

How easy is WordPress to use for a complete beginner?

WordPress has been visually designed to be as user friendly as possible.  We always tell our clients that if you can use Microsoft Word, you will be more than capable of using WordPress to update your website.

WordPress provides the user with the option to write their pages in code, or using the Rich Text Editor, which includes a similar tool set to that used in Microsoft Word.  You can easily add videos and images to your pages, change page layouts and much more!

With all our WordPress websites we offer a free 30-minute tutorial session to help get you started.

How can WordPress help with my websites SEO?

We know that SEO does take a lot of time and effort and we are not trying to claim that by using WordPress your website will jump to Google’s number one spot!  However, combined with its user-friendly control panel and hundreds of free SEO plugins on offer to boost your rankings, WordPress allows the user to do SEO without knowing a single bit of coding.

Fresh content is also a key factor in boosting your new websites search rankings, therefore by using the blogging facilities that WordPress has to offer, every time you publish a new post more content can be found on your website by the search engines.  You should post regularly to help build up your websites rankings,.

What type of support will I get with my new WordPress website?

WordPress is famous for its great support, not only do we offer a great after care service for all our clients, there are hundreds of online forums where other developers are ready and waiting to answer your questions for free!

WordPress possibly has the most support available than any other CMS we know of!


Collective Industries recommends the WordPress CMS to all of its customers for a whole range of reasons, but the main benefit has to be that we can create professional, bespoke websites that are reliable and easy to update for the end user.

If you would like some expert help to make sure your website is working for your business why not contact our team.

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